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Who we are?
Corporate profile

Corporate profile

SoftHouse is a new generation software company founded to provide professional services over the worldwide and help our customers to develop powerful and competitive business. We are studying very carefully our customers’ requests and propose the optimal solution. We are trying to understand the vision of our clients because it is important for us to offer them a solution with optimal costs. We deliver you a wide range of services.

SoftHouse is a place where brightness and experience are working together to develop new solutions for our customers

Various Services. SoftHouse offers a complete IT package including: software development to business, consultancy, implementation of products, maintenance and support.

Scalability on clients' requests. We can offer a complete solution in a very short time interval because our company can allocate enough programmers for a specified project that it is needed to be finished in time. It is important for us to deliver the software product in time conform deadlines.

High reability. All our programmers are software engineers with Computers degrees and each of them has at least 3 years experiences in software development. All of them are through the best programmers from Romania.

High-Quality procedures. All software applications developed by us are conform to International Quality Standards.

Competitive prices. Our prices are from ¼ to ½ of the worldwide average. This includes complete cycle of software development (design, implementation, testing, install the software to the clients offices). We are proud to offers to our clients the best prices of complete solutions.

High degree of confidentiality. All information are confidential and SoftHouse sign a confidentiality contract for each project. It is important for our clients to be sure that all information required for a project will not be public.

Customer interaction. In general speaking the contact with our clients is by e-mail or messengers (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ) but from case to case we will meet our client in person to our office or to their office depend on the technologies used in the project or the character of the information required by the project.

If your company is in need of software development service then the SoftHouse company is the best choice that you have. We are assure you that the relationship between us will be beneficial for both companies.

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