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Business Solutions


            SoftHouse understands your approaching way to your customers. We are reflecting your ideas into the software that we are developing. Our solutions come to strengthen the relationship between company and its customers. We enable you to get the maximum profit from your CRM investments by providing you:
           - Customization
           - Enhancement
           - Integration with other popular applications used by you
           - E2E implementation

We are providing the intelligence relationship concept between people, companies, relationship that helps you to gain the competitive edge – to build and maintain successful mutual benefits relationships.


            SoftHouse helps you to accelerate your company’s information flow and conduct operational efficiency for faster response to any kind of changes.
            The always try to include in our ERP solutions:
           - Analyze and statistics
           - Business process reengineering
           - Implementation
           - Post implementation support
           - Business intelligence
           - Web and mobile interface
           - Complete compatibility between versions
           - Functional and technical consulting

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