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Multimedia and Entertainment

       SoftHouse's division of Multimedia and Entertainment built or still working to some great ideas that makes the normal PC computer into a complete router that can manage your Plasma TV, DVD player, DVD recorder, TV recording, Radio and Photo.
       The concept is not new, the innovations in these directions are amazing and the effect is fabulous.
       The user can scan for channels, memorize them and then browse through all of them or even categorize them and group them ( a channel can be even restricted and the restriction can be scheduled only for some specified hours ).
       You can record your favorite movie or football game to see it later, the option to burn it on a DVD is also available. Once the DVD is burned an etiquette can be printed in order to mark the DVD disc.
       Other companies offer all these WITH a dedicated hardware BUT we are making this possible using your own computer. The user has an option to search through TeleText materials and make bookmark for later review.
       You can store your music on the computer hard drive, create play lists and organize it by Authors, Genre, and Title. The CD changer offers you more music on magnetic support and you will see no difference.
       You can see your digital pictures on your Plasma TV, you can search for a specified photo or you can even print it to your photo printer that waits for your commands.

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