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Access control
       Access control solutions are all over the world. Everywhere we meet automatic doors, check points (with magnetic cards or proximity or even finger print devices). Our competences come to meet our customers' requests covering a wide range of services:
       - magnetic card readers
       - proximity card readers
       - finger print devices
       - laser spots

       All these devices can be controlled remote from PDAs, Palm devices or directly from the server.

Remote Desktop Control

       Remote your desktop from another computer, from your own PDA or Palm or maybe from your Navigation system from your car. All these are possible and extreme secure with the new concept developed by SoftHouse. We can link your desktop to a smart card or magnetic card or a simply license USB Secure Key. The user can authenticate through any of these options and have access to the entire system or just some applications set by the administrator.

Secure Remote hardware

       Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EGPRS(EDGE) can let you to control your embedded devices. You can control any kind of embedded device on a complete secure channel (encrypted with 256Kb key) through any wireless method possible. The key is changed at each new connection and can not be intercepted and hacked in time to be used.

Secure payment and prepaid

       Because of the potential of new payment terminals on the market now it's possible to make transactions in taxi, in front of your door when you receive the pizza or even to buy a prepaid card in the airplane to use it when you arrive to the destination. Because of multiple attacks of payment servers and devices, the necessity of very secure solutions is evident these days.

Technologies like Embedded Visual C++, Code Worrior or ADS are used by our team. On hardware devices where we need real time reaction we are using RTOS.

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